Naladhu Maldives

Naladhu Maldives

Welcome to Vivanta by Taj- Coral reef!! A miracle scattered across the Indian Ocean which has something for everyone which would somehow take away their breath. This is an impeccable luxury resort where it is our ethos to give every visitor the sensation of being in an exotic paradise secluded from the real world stress and apprehensions. Hence, just take a break from life and book a holiday to the isle of content and excellence. This luxury resort has been ranked as one of the best resorts in Maldives due to the fact that it offers inexplicably remarkable services for every person!! This island in Hembadhu is a jewel for those craving for an unforgettable Maldivian experience! Let your feet sink into the suppleness of the sandy beaches and watch how the reflection of the golden drops of sun reflect on the ocean. Let the cajoling ocean breeze pamper your cheeks and coax your eyelids to close and take you to dream about the next day!! Yes… Life in Vivanta by Taj-Coral reef is that excellent, that serene! That awe-inspiring!!

We have got a vast range of accommodations to choose from. Whatever it is that you choose, you get imminent pleasure and joy! It is going to be similar to life in a paradise. But it is your choice to choose what kind of paradise it is that you want. Each type of accommodation has its own enchantment. It has its own budget. Hence, this is also one of the finest budget resorts in Maldives in spite of the fact that it is ranked in the list of the top 20 Maldivian hotel resorts! Booking a holiday to this wondrous budget resort is a re-phrase of saying that you are getting a ticket to an island paradise!!

If you relish water sports, then we are much more than pleased to gratify you with our lessons and take you down to watch the MESMERISING coral reefs. You shall never forget the experience in your entire life! For this reason, this resort is thought to be one of the greatest dive resorts in Maldives. Surely, after a tiring and yet exciting day, all you need is a buffet of gastronomical delights, right? Of course! That is exactly what you shall get. Let our culinary treats make its way to your heart through your stomach!!  Just book an all-inclusive holiday package to Maldives and take home the wonderful memories.

We also have got the JIVA spa which excels in the field of transforming a stressed person into a mentally calm person! Either way, the gentle pampers from the expert masseurs shall surely be a special memory of the luxury trip to Maldives.

Book a vacation to this luxury resort and get the best of Maldives and you shall fall in love with the beauty of Maldives instantly!

Available Rooms

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Ocean House with Pool

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Providing totally unobstructed views of the jewel-blue waters and rolling waves of the Indian Ocean, Maldives luxury hotels offering an Ocean House with Pool is the ultimate choice for privacy. With a hardwood deck stretching out over the ocean, you will be lulled into total serenity by the waves breaking.


Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Beach House with Pool

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Capture your own stretch of pristine white beach and revel in 300 square meters of exquisite space and comfort. With identical facilities in both Ocean Houses with Pool and the Beach Houses with Pool, your only decision is which of the perfect settings you prefer.


Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Two Bedroom Pool Residence

Max Guests:
2 Adults

An impressive carved gate marks the entrance to this magnificent residence, revealing an incredible 600 square metres of ocean facing luxury, wrapping around a spectacular al fresco dining terrace leading to a 95 square metre pool, edged by a sun deck with a charming dining pavilion and sala at each end.


Deep Sea Fishing
See what roams in deeper waters. Join us for a morning or afternoon on one of our deep-sea fishing excursions for sailfish, marlin and wahoo. Our fishing dhoni is outfitted with advanced equipment for the expedition, which is able to handle the weight of the bigger game you'll be catching. As always, your House Master can arrange your outing however you please.

Fitness Centre
Keep up your fitness regimen at our island's gym. Work up a sweat with treadmill, stationary bikes, weight machines, free weights and other fitness equipment. First-timers can explore weight or cardio training with one-on-one personal training sessions with our island's trainer. Even long-time fitness enthusiasts will benefit from our trainer's expertise - after even a short weekend holiday, elevate your exercise regimen to another level.

Pilates, Yoga and Meditation
Find physical and mental balance through yoga or meditation. Our instructor can raise your state of mind through individual guided yoga or meditation sessions or organised group classes.

Feel the warm ocean breeze tickling your hair. Canvas sails rustle above. A fleet of launches, catamarans and sailing yachts are available for charter all around South Male Atoll. Sail in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, or simply unwind on deck, while experienced local skippers do all the work. For the ultimate in sailing style, relax on a luxurious dhoni, the traditional Maldivian sailboat. Cruise at your whim and picnic on a completely deserted island.

Cooking Course
Go behind the scenes with the colourful personalities in our kitchen and learn some - but not all - of their culinary secrets. Compose some of your favourite Naladhu dishes, then, feast on your very own creations. We invite you to explore and hone your creativity as we tantalise your taste buds.

Sunset Fishing
Sail across the ocean on our elegant dhoni, the Riyaa. Let us provide you with all the equipment for a Private Sunset Fishing expedition. When you start craving dinner, we'll be back just in time for the chef to grill up your catch however you'd like.

Tasting Course
Mystified by which cheese goes with which wine or what makes one caviar better than another? Naladhu's tasting classes are the perfect way to indulge your taste buds while turning you into a more well-rounded host and guest when you return home.

Take a break from the waters and keep up your game on our well-maintained tennis courts, which are floodlit for cooler, night-time play. Rackets and balls are provided.

Look below the surface for some of the best views in the Maldives. Our PADI Dive Centre offers a full range of SCUBA certification courses. With classes ranging from SCUBA discovery to advanced open-water, wreck diving and even rescue dives, Naladhu residents are sure to find an adventure suited to their abilities. Every day, the centre offers up to four dives at a variety of locations - in fact, within a half-hour radius of our island, there are no less than 20 world-class dives to enjoy.

All dives are guided and divided into small groups for maximum comfort and enjoyment underwater. Just bring yourself, as the Dive Centre has everything else you require - towels, equipment, suits and onboard refreshments. Care to take a picnic lunch on your trip? Choose your desert island, and your House Master can arrange the rest.

Slip on your flippers and experience the famous underwater world of the Maldives. We offer a variety of snorkelling excursions to neighbouring reefs, manta ray "cleaning stations" and, of course, our own nearby reef, teeming with underwater beauty. Embark on an adventure via catamaran, dhoni or Naladhu luxury speed boat to locations near and far - and discover that the journey can be as beautiful as the destination.

Carve through the waves with the trade winds in your hair and the warm sun at your back. With the mirror-like lagoon at our doorstep, there's probably no easier place to enjoy water skiing. The folks at the Water Sports Centre have a wide range of skis for all skill levels and ages.

Experience the thrill of catching the wind in your sails and gliding across the lagoon. For beginners, a basic lesson provided by our team at the Water Sports Centre will enable you to enjoy the wind and waves in a new and challenging way. For seasoned pros, the Centre has a selection of boards and sails, and our instructors will be happy to help you figure out which one is best for you.

Ease into water sports adventures with Naladhu's complimentary kayaks. Paddle through the beautiful and calm lagoon.  Kayaks are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but they're usually available, so feel free to stroll on over and take to the waters.

Baan Huraa
Take a stroll over to our teak over water restaurant for the finest Thai cuisine to be found in the Maldives. Let us take you on a journey through the four distinctive regions of Thailand, offering signature dishes through a blend of simple techniques and aromatic spices. Fresh fish grilled with herbs to spicy soups and salads, all the traditional favourites are found here. Our team will immerse you in Thai hospitality, letting you enjoy an authentic culinary journey through the Kingdom of Smiles. 

Intimate Dining Affairs
Grilled Maldivian yellowfin on a nearby island. Let our chefs bring some of their favourite menus - complete with candles, tablecloths, silver and all those other little touches of perfection - to the destination of your choice around the island.

In-Residence Dining
Indulge in our In-Residence Dining options. The chefs of the Living Room will cater to your every whim, allowing you to enjoy dining in the privacy of your villa or house, at any time of day or night.

Satisfy tastes ranging from the classic to the eccentric. Enjoy a barbecue on your deck, complete with a chef and waiter. Or, for the true romantic, surprise your loved one with a Champagne breakfast. Should you desire a favourite dish that isn't listed in our menu, your House Master will see to it that we provide it – or at least our own creative interpretation.

The Living Room
Naladhu guests have the exclusive option to mix and match fine wines, ocean breezes and excellent cuisine choices. Overlooking the lagoon, The Living Room is an elegant beachfront dining scene. The seasonal menu crafted by our chef brings refined food together with a relaxed feel for breakfast served throughout the day, a refreshing lunch, or romantic dinner for a truly unforgettable experience.

The glass-walled wine cellar takes centre stage, stocked with some of the most esteemed (and a few of the most rare) vintages from both the Old and New Worlds.


Maldives is a unique destination in the Indian Ocean providing you with extraordinary experiences. Experiences which will last a lifetime and make you crave for more of the Maldives.

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