Holiday Island Resort & Spa

Holiday Island Resort & Spa

Welcome to the pristine embodiment of the best beach hotel resorts in Maldives! Holiday Island Resort & Spa is the perfect vacation spot for those who are yearning for an excellent vacation in Maldives filled with delight and splendor! Holiday Island Resort & Spa is one of the best beach resorts in Maldives and it is also comparatively a cheap resort in Maldives. Holiday Island Resort is the springboard to Maldivian luxury. Just experience the splendor of jogging in the beaches barefoot. Take a long relaxing swim in the emerald lagoons or just savour the taste of a fresh juice while watching the golden drops of sun fade as the sun slowly goes beyond the horizon. The panorama is sure to keep you spellbound!! If you want to have a luxurious holiday to Maldives then Holiday Island Resort & Spa is your ideal vacation destination in Maldives as it gives you the best at Maldives!!

If you want to have an adventurous vacation, then do opt for this luxury resort. It offers excellent adventure holidays for singles. For instance, if you are in for a dive in paradise, then prepare yourself to enter the aquatic kingdom of mesmerizing creatures. See the turtles just a few feet away, be welcomed by large shoals of fish. Just book a holiday to this exotic resort and be amazed by its phenomenal wonder!! Do book an all-inclusive holiday package to Maldives and have an eventful vacation in which you are sure to enjoy to the fullest. If you are a newly-wed, we welcome you to make this luxury island resort your honeymoon spot in Maldives. Let us arrange a romantic atmosphere in the beach with for your experience to be magical. Watch the twinkling stars and the full moon brightening up the onyx sky. Book an all-inclusive honeymoon package to Maldives to experience the best honeymoon in Maldives. Or if you would like to have an affordable vacation to Maldives, then you have the choice of booking a cheap all-inclusive vacation package to Maldives. Contact a Maldives luxury resort trip advisor and plan your luxury resort in Maldives!!!

A holiday remains incomplete without a tummy-filling cuisine. All you need to do is book an all-inclusive travel package and savour the essence of Maldivian luxury. You shall experience an excellent cuisine which would make you praise the professional chefs! After a tiring day, you would definitely need a rejuvenating treatment to let the experienced masseurs pamper you away from all the anxieties. Let us whisk you in to holiday mode, which is our specialty!! Moreover, let us take you to the wondrous tropical paradise.

If you are looking forward to have a luxury holiday in Maldives, then book a holiday to this island resort. Or if you are late for your booking, then go for the last minute booking services.

Available Rooms

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Superior Beach Bungalow

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Relax in the comfort of your own private beach bungalow with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Each bungalow sits directly on the breathtaking beach that surrounds the beautiful Holiday Island. Equipped with a host of modern amenities and indulgent comforts, our bungalows offer a charming, laid-back setting for an unforgettable Maldives beach holiday.

Enjoy Water Sports Galore, From Maldives Catamarans To Parasailing
Boating and windsurfing to jet skis and tube rides, Holiday Island Resort & Spa has nearly every sort of water sport imaginable. Embark on a scenic boat ride to catch a glimpse of whale sharks – the largest species of fish in existence. Take advantage of our calm, shallow lagoon to learn how to sail or windsurf. Or, use our Maldives catamaran rentals to explore the beautiful coastline of our secluded island. We’re also one of three places in the country where parasailing is available, offering a true sky-high adventure for the intrepid traveller. Dive into a thrilling world of aquatic excitement, and experience one of the best equipped centres for Maldives windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, and more.

* Scuba diving and snorkelling
* Canoeing
* Windsurfing
* Catamaran sailing
* Parasailing
* Wakeboarding
* Jet skiing
* Kneeboarding
* Water skiing
* Fun tubing
* Dingy sailing
* Snorkelling scooter

Experience The Country’s Many Wonders Through Our Maldives Excursions
Just beyond the boundaries of Holiday Island Resort & Spa, an entire world lays waiting to be discovered. Explore the surrounding waters and Atolls with our guided Maldives excursions, each offering a fascinating look into local life and nature. Cruise to gorgeous inhabited and uninhabited islands within our archipelago, or delve beneath the waters with a fishing or snorkelling trip. For a different approach to wildlife, embark on a Maldives dolphin safari, and watch as these playful, graceful creatures glide through the gentle waves. 

Stay Active At Our Maldives Budget Hotel
Add a little action to your time at Holiday Island Resort & Spa, and take advantage of our wide array of recreational activities. Unlike other Maldives budget hotels, we offer extensive, modern facilities for your enjoyment, including athletic courts and all necessary sporting equipment. Start up a friendly game of beach volleyball or badminton, or maintain your exercise regime at our gymnasium. Enjoy an after-dinner game of snooker, or practice your backhand on our onsite tennis courts, which are equipped with flood lights for evening matches. Whether looking for fun or fitness, our tranquil resort offers everything needed for a wonderfully active Maldives budget holiday.

* Billiards/snooker
* Table tennis
* Tennis courts
* Volleyball
* Outdoor badminton
* Gymnasium, with steam room and suana

A Stunning Coastal Treasure, Uniquely Beautiful Among Maldives Beach Hotels
With its crystal-clear waters and glorious shoreline, Holiday Island Resort & Spa offers one of the most exquisite natural settings of any Maldives beach hotel. Our soft, white coral sands are fringed with coconut palm and warmed by sparkling sunshine, offering nothing to disturb your tranquillity but the sweet sea breezes and rhythmic lapping of the waves. To enhance this perfect vision of paradise, our secluded island is bordered by a wide, sandy lagoon and the expansive Indian Ocean beyond, ensuring spectacular water views as far as the eye can see. Whether interested in diving and water sports or blissfully lazy days spent swaying in a hammock, we invite you to enjoy your Maldives beach holiday amid one of the world’s most beautiful locales.

* Beach volleyball and badminton  
* Watersports
* Scuba diving and snorkelling  
* Sunbathing
* Beach hammocks
* Sun beds, available in every bungalow

Discover The Wonders Of Maldives Scuba Diving From Holiday Island
Plunge beneath the topaz waters of Holiday Island Resort & Spa, and you’ll quickly see why South Ari Atoll has long been a favourite destination for Maldives diving holidays. Nearby reefs, wrecks and “thila” coral towers teem with sharks, tuna and barracuda, as well as with myriad other species of colourful creatures and plant life. To help our guests experience the mysterious beauty of this underwater world, we are proud to offer the PADI-registered Villa Dive Centre, located directly on property grounds. The Centre organizes morning and afternoon dives each day, and holds a variety of training classes for both beginners and seasoned divers. The tranquil waters of our location are also conducive to snorkelling, which provides a birds-eye view of marine life below. Take advantage of our Maldives scuba diving packages, lessons and facilities, and discover one of the world’s foremost dive locales.

Decadent Meals Meet High-End Cuisine At Our Main Maldives Restaurant
Indulge in the sumptuous, internationally-inspired cuisine of the Main Restaurant, the culinary centrepiece of Holiday Island Resort & Spa . Serving elaborate buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner, each meal at this Maldives restaurant is a true gourmet feast. Our professionally trained chefs pride themselves on preparing a wide variety of delectable dishes throughout the day, from traditional continental breakfast dishes in the morning to boldly flavoured continental, Asian and Maldivian fare at lunch and dinner. Our full-board, half-board and all-inclusive meal plans are valid exclusively at our Main Restaurant, ensuring guests will enjoy a deliciously well-rounded introduction to the height of Maldives dining.


Maldives is a unique destination in the Indian Ocean providing you with extraordinary experiences. Experiences which will last a lifetime and make you crave for more of the Maldives.

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