Ayada Maldives

Ayada Maldives

How awesome would it be to experience a majestic holiday in one of the best luxury resorts in Maldives?? Imagine the splendor of the aquatic life swimming just a few steps from your doorstep. The lagoons so crystal clear and sparkling in the daylight while the snow-white beaches simply awe-inspires you! What other word describes all these wonders other than ‘Tropical paradise’?? Indeed, it is one of the most prestigious 5 star resorts in Maldives. This is the ultimate springboard to get the best of Maldives in just a few days. Let your 6th sense be completely spellbound by the awesome luxury in Maldives. Among the luxury resorts in Maldives, Ayada Maldives offers one of the best Maldives luxury holidays which would become the most memorable one that would never segregate from your heart!!

For an excellent luxury holiday to Maldives, what better choice can there be than Ayada Maldives? Book an all-inclusive holiday package and just experience the magic of Ayada! Watch the spectacular sunsets while sipping a cocktail. Amaze yourself by the underwater beauty of Maldives. The coral reefs of several colours and the vibrant fish shall make the experience unforgettable. It can definitely be a great idea to leave your refreshing to our professional masseurs and let all the anxiety and fret ooze out of you! Other than being one of the top Maldivian resorts, Ayada Maldives is also unreservedly famous in the art of culinary. It has 7 restaurants with each offering a unique taste that you would crave for more!!

This resort is one of the best family vacation spots, as the tropical greenery and the gardens are an absolute wonder. The pristine waters also play a part in delighting your mood just by seeing the chirpy dolphins leap from a distance. If you are yearning for an awesome single holiday, Ayada still makes its way to the top of the list! Play a competitive game of tennis with a friend, or do some yoga for relaxation, why not visit the 24 hour service gym to build up your sore muscles after an adventurous day?? If you are audacious, do indulge yourself in water sports such as parasailing or surfing. Do bear in mind that Ayada Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Maldives. Hence, it offers one of the best all inclusive honeymoon packages. In the romantic atmosphere of ayada Maldives, many yearn to make their dream wedding a reality!! Thus, it has become one of the best wedding resorts in Maldives as well!! Let your dreams make its way to reality here in Ayada Maldives!!

A stay in Ayada Maldives shall definitely amaze you in myriad aspects. It is therefore vital to contact a Maldives luxury resort advisor near future. Thus, opt for  the last minute booking service if you are behind the booking schedule!

Take your first step of making your dreams become a vibrant reality and Ayada Maldives assures your enjoyment during your stay.

Available Rooms

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Beach Villas

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Located on the idyllic stretches of the white sandy beaches, these beachfront villas offer peaceful relaxation either on the expansive private outdoor and plunge pool surrounded by lush vegetation with the beach situated a few steps away.

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Ocean Villas

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Poised over the lagoon, these over-the-water villas allows for idyllic contemplation whilst lounging on the ocean hammocks with the gentle lapping of the waves to soothe you. These spacious villas offer a private outdoor terrace, ocean hammocks, plunge pool, an uninterrupted view of the horizon and direct lagoon access.

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Beach Suites

Max Guests:
2 Adults
Ideal for vacationing families, these interconnecting villas offer a larger separate individual bedroom yet common outdoor terrace areas with a Beach Villa. Positioned to capture infinite views of the ocean and sunrise, each suite offers a private outdoor terrace, plunge pool and direct beach access.
Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Sunset Beach Suites

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Offering views of the crystal clear lagoon, these spacious beachfront suites offer a large living area, spacious private outdoor terrace, plunge pool and garden area ideal for romantic private dinners with direct beach access.

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Sunset Lagoon Suites

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Perched on the beach with the outdoor terrace over the water with the unique feature of entering from the beach and exiting from the ocean if desired, these suites offer a large area encompassing a living and bedroom area complete with a spacious outdoor terrace with plush swing sofas and plunge pool to further enhance the tranquil setting with direct lagoon access from the terrace.

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Sunset Ocean Suites

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Offering absolute luxury and serenity over the Indian Ocean, these over-the-water suites offer a master bedroom with private bathroom and a living area with a glass floor panel, an additional bathroom and pantry area, a huge sundeck with ocean hammocks and direct access to the lagoon and infinite views of the horizon.

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Ayada Royal Ocean Suite

Max Guests:
2 Adults

With its distinct location on the edge of the jetty, this duplex split level presidential suite is considered an island enclave and offers spacious bedrooms on the ground and upper floors, a lavish living area and an upper floor terrace providing a 180 degrees view of the Indian Ocean and the horizon with absolute privacy.

Ayada Maldives offers an extensive list of excursions that will showcase the finest and authentic Maldivian experiences. Ranging from sunset cruises, fishing trips and genuine island excursions to inhabited islands, all excursions are undertaken under the care of  experienced  and  personable  team  members.  Please  contact the Leisure  Concierge  by  pressing  the  “Things  To  Do” button on your  telephone or contact your Butler or your GRA for more information.

With year round high visibility, favorable weather conditions, stunning coral reefs and free flowing tides of the seasonal monsoons, the Maldives is a haven for divers and ocean lovers. 

Over 1,000 species of fish, coral and other marine life inhabit the waters throughout the Maldives; better yet, given the isolation of the Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, the underwater seascape found around Ayada Maldives is still undisturbed and awaiting discovery by enthusiasts. Gaafu Dhaalu atoll is fast gaining an international reputation as being one of the most incredible places to dive and snorkel due to the excellence of its coral reefs and untouched marine life.  Thanks to the relatively small number of divers, it’s still possible to dive a reef where the fish have never seen a human being before.

The courses on offer here are all developed by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) the world’s most premier diving education organization. All our courses guarantee quality and your certification will be globally acknowledged.  All courses are modular allowing for you to begin with an introductory course and progress to a certification course.


Big game fishing in Maldives water can be one of the most unforgettable adventures of lifetime for keen fisherman & first timers alike.  Get ready to tackle the big boys of the ocean: tuna, sharks, wahoo, sailfish, swordfish, barracuda . . . you never know what’s out there.

Saltwater fly-fishing is considered one of the most exciting methods of using a fishing rod.  Cast your line and see what bites when we bring you to our favorite fly fishing spot. 

Take a traditional Maldivian wooden boat and try your hand at traditional Maldivian fishing as we set sail before sunset and see if the fish bite.  If you’re lucky with your line, Ayada’s chef will prepare and cook your catch for you tomorrow. 

See the sights of the undersea world from the breezy comfort of our glass bottomed boat as we take you for a drive above the beautiful coral reefs of Ayada. 

See the island from another angle – from the ocean – as we take you on a boat trip around Ayada at sunset so you can take some spectacular pictures.  

Join the band of the select few who’ve crossed the Equator by sea and impress everyone with your souvenir signed certificate.  Please note: this excursion is weather dependent and the waves can be a little rough on this trip.

Let us take you to a nearby deserted island for a romantic Robinson Crusoe experience you’ll treasure forever. 

Sunset cruises are among the most romantic activities for honey moon couples in the Maldives.  Jump on board for a cruise into the beautiful blue ocean and make sure you have your camera with you to take some photos on the boat's top deck as you watch the sun goes down. 

Find out for yourself why we have a worldwide reputation for amazing coral reefs as we take you snorkeling to two of our favorite sites.

See what life is like on a real Maldivian island; see textiles being woven and maybe say hello to a few of the locals.  This island adventure starts at a traditional local village where you can immerse yourself in the lives of a local Maldivian community and drink fresh coconut after it’s been picked from the tree for you. 

We head out to join our neighbors in the ocean, the spinner dolphins to see them play and leap.  Note: sightings are not guaranteed but we’re pretty good at finding them. 

Grab your snorkel and jump on board for this trip to visit our lovable neighbors: spinner dolphins followed by snorkeling on a beautiful coral reef. Note: there is no swimming with dolphins on this trip and sightings aren’t guaranteed. 

Our house reef is one of the best in the country. Let one of our guides take you to explore its beauty.

Surf’s up!  AYADA Maldives is located only a few minutes' boat ride from some of the best surf breaks in the country.  So what are you waiting for? 

Our surfing program is ideal for both beginners and experts who want to surf a few the best surfing points in the Maldives.   We provide high quality guiding to the surf points, taking into consideration the weather, sea conditions and the forecast in the region.

If there are no more than four surfers, we use our 7-meter zodiac to access the surfing point with one captain, and our surfing guides. If we have more than four surfers, we use our 14-meter diving boat, together with our zodiac. 

We offer a variety of boards free of charge for a three to four hour trip.   We can go surfing two times a day, with the exact timings decided by the surfer and our guide according to the weather conditions.


Ayada Maldives has some of the most amazing coral reefs in the area which are well worth exploring, and snorkeling is the easiest and best way to discover the reef and abundant marine life. We recommend that you speak to us first regarding the ocean conditions because the currents may affect your experience. We advise you to begin snorkeling against the current as when you get tired, it is easier to come back with the current. Remember that sunburn is very common, so cover up with waterproof sunblock to protect yourself prior to snorkeling.  Fins, mask and snorkel are provided free of charge to our guests during your stay and we kindly request that you return them one day before your departure.  For less confident swimmers we also provide lifejackets to wear in the water free of charge.  Please see the map for the best snorkeling spots around the island.

Take a gentle tour of the island from the ocean on our ocean paddle boats either on a single or double canoe and enjoy the beauty of the sea while getting a good upper body workout. 

The mild winds and the shallow lagoon provide for the perfect conditions for wind surfing. Our water sports instructor will be happy to provide a refresher course or to teach you on the finer points of windsurfing. Combining the basic elements of surfing and sailing, Ayada Maldives offers a variety of options for windsurfing with different boards and sails for experienced windsurfers with lessons and courses available for those wishing to try for the first time. 

The latest trend to hit the water sports world, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is easier than surfing and gives you the chance to catch more waves in set and get a better view of incoming sets.  As well as being tremendous fun, it’s also famous for giving a strong core workout – great for fitness fans. 

Set sail with our seasoned captain and enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes from being out on the water on a catamaran. Visit a nearby island or simply bask in the delight of being in the open sea. These non-motorized sailing experiences are perfect either by day or at sunset. 

One of our most popular activities, here you can enjoy the thrill of speed on the water. As you head off to your adventure rest assured that one of our experienced guides will safely lead you to beautiful spots. 

Bounce across the waves in a tube connected by a rope to our speedboat. Just give it a try and you will understand why it’s called a FUN tube. With you sitting inside that tube, the boat slowly starts accelerating and you move just above the water at great speed. Great fun! 

The classic water fun: you sit with up to five people on the banana as we tow it at speed: the aim is to remain seated. As the speedboat gets faster and turns you’ll have to hold on to the banana and try to stay sitting on it. It’s an easy, fun, sport that’s safely conducted with lifejackets. 

When the wind is calm and the water on the lagoon is flat, it’s the perfect time to get out on the water for water skiing.  For seasoned water skiers, why not try the mono ski or wakeboarding? 

Speed lover? Long to feel the wind in your face and taste the tang of the sea spray?  Then ask about renting our speedboat and feel the gentle adrenaline rush as you race across the ocean.

Sports Wellness

A fully equipped state of the art fitness center is available from 08.00 am - 11.00 pm at the Recreation Center. Manned by highly qualified  trainers, this  center offers a range of cardiovascular equipment, weight machines and free weights. The trainers are available for private consultations or private sessions. A games hall is available at the Recreation Center for your enjoyment and offers PS4, table tennis, billiards, table football, and darts. Please refer (23) on the resort map for directions to the Recreation Center or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or Guests Relation Agent for more information. 

A games hall is available at the Recreation Center for your enjoyment and offers PS4, table tennis, billiards, table football and darts. Please refer (23) on the resort map for directions to the Recreation Center or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or Guests Relation Agent for more information. 

Three jogging tracks measuring 900m, 1200m and 1600m around the resort are available. Please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or Guests Relation Agent for more information or please review the resort map for the detailed outline of the tracks. 

The  lagoon  is  shallow  and  safe  for  swimming  as  there  are  no underlying ocean currents. We advise visitors who are not strong swimmers to make use of free life jackets available at the dive center and to stay in close proximity to the beach. Please take extreme care during bad weather and heed the flags indicating swimming restrictions. Please contact the dive center by pressing the “Below The Surface” button on your telephone or your Butler or Guests Relation Agent for more information. We advise all guests to contact the Medical Team in the event that you are cut by the coral as some may lead to infections or allergic reactions. 

A mini artificial floodlit football ground widely regarded as the best available in the Maldives is available adjacent to the Recreation Center. The ground is open from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please refer (25) on the resort map for directions to the football ground or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or Guests Relation Agent for ground availability and equipment rental. 

Our floodlit tennis court is open from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please refer (24) on the resort map for directions to the tennis court or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or Guests Relation Agent for ground availability and equipment rental. 

An exhilarating schedule of Yoga/ Pilates and aerobics are on offer for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to cut back on their regimes whilst on vacation. An experienced instructor will allow you to schedule  classes  at  your convenience  and  fitness  level.  Please refer (23) on the resort map for directions to the Fitness Pavilion or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or Guests Relation Agent.

Ayada Maldives provides a fully equipped Kid's Club on site supervised by trained and experienced professionals. Open from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM and inviting all children, this facility offers a host of recreational and educational activities conducted by a personable and attentive team.

The Kids Club area is complete with its own pool, nanny room, a stage and playground area with a jungle gym. All activities and services are offered complimentary unless specified. Baby sitting service is available on request. 

Fun and innovative activities are on offer including supervised snorkeling and swimming lessons, cooking classes, t-shirt painting, face painting, and an educational insight into the flora, fauna and marine life that is so unique to the Maldives.

Ayada Maldives' expansive AySpa has been exclusively designed to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Centrally located, AySpa is a 3500 sqm haven and forms an enclave within the island vegetation and other resort facilities. Using the natural surroundings as inspiration, the spa showcases terrazzo floors with marble and timber hues to reinforce an indigenous feel to your spa experience.

ESPA is the world’s leading total spa company building award-winning spas in five continents across the globe. Years of experience covering strategy, operational, conceptual and development elements of spas combined with an in-depth knowledge of differing cultures, products and treatments, have resulted in a company which is well rounded and genuinely committed to inspired natural products, treatments and continual spa development.

AySpa includes 8 spacious and tranquil treatment villas some with their own hydrotheraphy baths, a segregated steam and sauna area, a cold plunge pool, a warm vitality pool, hair dresser, manicure, pedicure salons, Maldives' first vichy room and private Turkish Hammam including an elaborate marble plinth. Plus an elegant boutique provides a wide variety of ESPA products.

Journey through an unparalleled culinary experience at Ayada Maldives where we strive to offer authenticity and variety with our eight vividly enticing outlets; each with its unique influence. Ranging from exotic Asian flavours to tantalizing Mediterranean specialities to the vibrant Ottoman Lounge complete with specialty coffees, teas, and shisha. Your dining experience is complete with impeccable service and breathtaking views of the ocean and the horizon.

Magu  (Main Restaurant)
Open for breakfast and dinner, Magu is Ayada Maldives’ main restaurant showcasing a generous international buffet with daily changing themes – for example Far Eastern, Chef's Special, Maldivian, Mexican, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern - ensuring that every night diners enjoy an abundance of variety and flavor. 

The buffet is noted for its emphasis on choice and quality: heaps of vegetables, salads and tropical fruits are set alongside steaming dishes, hot and fresh from the kitchen while a team of chefs are ready to conjure up a choice of dishes a la minute in the central show kitchen. 

Set on the beach, this elegant restaurant has a peaceful central reflecting pool and is surrounded by lush tropical greenery.  Diners have the options of sitting outside under the palm trees and wonderful Maldivian sky, or in an air-conditioned pavilion. 

Ocean Breeze  (Over water Restaurant & Bar)
Named after its beautiful over-water location where the warmth of the sun is tempered by a refreshing breeze, this stylish restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and offers gourmets a tempting menu of modern European dishes.  With regular seasonal changes to the menu, items such as grilled seafood, home-made pasta and fine steaks are perennial favorites. 

As one of the most romantic settings of the island, the open-air restaurant stands over the lagoon, in its sophisticated atmosphere. 

By day the endless shades of blue from the shimmering ocean enchant, while at night the restaurant transforms into a magical candlelit paradise.

Kai  (Far East Restaurant)
An exquisite range of far-eastern and Asian delicacies awaits in this gem of a restaurant hidden away amid tropical greenery.  Open for dinner each evening, diners can choose from an extensive sushi and sashimi list made from the freshest local seafood as well as classic interpretations of regional Asian specialties from China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.  The décor, with its calm reflecting pools and typical Japanese-inspired architecture, sets the scene for a memorable evening of fine dining. 

Mizu (Teppanyaki Grill)
The word Teppanyaki is derived from “Teppan” meaning iron hot plate and “Yaki” which means to grill or fry. That is exactly what you'll experience at Mizu : The chef will prepare the most delicious fish, meat and vegetarian dishes as you watch him skillfully cook in front of you with precision. Add to this the use of top quality ingredients, an extensive choice of sakes and wines and the characteristic of sitting between the ocean and the tropical Ayada Maldives.

Sea Salt  (Beach Barbecue)
Feel the magic of the Maldives at our mouthwatering beach BBQ held under a carpet of stars where you can feast on freshly grilled meat and seafood.

Ideally situated on our Zero Degree Beach with golden sand, amazing sunshine and a gentle sea breeze, this is the perfect place to savour food from the grill with your feet in the surf… a true delight!

Ile de Joie
Lovers of the finer things in life will adore this tiny over-water open-air cheese and wine bar set 100m over the lagoon.  Truly an ‘island of joy’, this is home to the island’s fine wines cellar where oenophiles will enjoy perusing the eclectic wine list, while the resident bartender can suggest the perfect tipple from a range of fine label cognacs, premium whiskies and other delectable bottled digestifs and aperitifs.  The collection of specialty imported, hand selected cheeses make this the perfect venue for open air pre- or post- dinner relaxation over a fine cigar from the well-stocked humidor.

Diners can choose sit up at the bar, walk through the chilled wine-fridge or simply enjoy the star-filled Maldivian night skies from seats carved into the shape of dhonis, a traditional Maldivian sailing boat.

Ottoman Lounge
This far-flung outpost of the Ottoman empire graces the island with fine Turkish teas and coffee presented in the traditional manner in filigree silver- service. Ayada Maldives showcases the beauty and unique experience of sipping authentically brewed Turkish coffee and specialty teas in a lounge with low seating, as inspired by a traditional café in Turkey. This welcoming lounge is a perfect spot for a private meeting or a relaxed drink with friends.  For a soothing afternoon ritual look no further than chef’s modern interpretation of afternoon tea. In the evenings, a choice of aromatic shisha water pipes (narghile) adds elegance.  The décor, with its sand-floor and thatched roof with carved wooden furniture, lends itself to photographic interest, especially in the evening when the ‘chandelier’ of hundreds of tiny Turkish style lanterns light up the lounge.

Zero Degree​
Zero Degree restaurant and bar is where you’ll find poolside dining at its finest: a simple yet wide menu of international dishes that addresses all cravings from crisp fresh salads to European, Asian and middle-eastern dishes. Guests can choose to dine barefoot in the water, under a thatched roof, in one of the poolside cabanas swathed in fabri, or of course for the ultimate sun lovers, the sun beds by the pool. At night, thanks to its incredible LED lighting display, the pool transforms into a myriad of tiny stars, reflecting the incredible night skies for a unforgettable midnight swim. 

At this time the bar becomes the social place to be, with live music, DJ and special events such as open air movies enjoyed in the pool while the bartenders work their magic from an enticing list of cocktails and guests dance the night away.


Maldives is a unique destination in the Indian Ocean providing you with extraordinary experiences. Experiences which will last a lifetime and make you crave for more of the Maldives.

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