Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi

Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi

“The isle of white gold” is what colloquial meaning of the word Hudhuranfushi. This is one of the best five star resorts in Maldives. You could catch the glimpse of the white hold sandy beaches that shine even from a distance. Welcome to Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi where you are entering a world where you breathe nothing but the buoyancy in the air!! Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi is one of the best resorts in Maldives gifted with utmost beauty of the Mother Nature!! Book a vacation to this excellent Maldivian resort and prepare yourself to be astound by getting the best of Maldives!!

We have got beach villas designed to meet with your urge of utmost comfort and never-ending pleasure. We have got excellent modern amenities that would ensure that our visitors shall enjoy their days here. Book an all-inclusive holiday package to Maldives and experience the wonder of residing in a luxury paradise! Do not worry if you are under a small holiday budget, we still have got you the pleasures of affordable all-inclusive packages for an unforgettable vacation to Maldives!

IF you are on a luxury holiday to Maldives, then of course! Adaaran select Hudhuranfushi tops its way in your, “Where to go” list. If you want to have a family luxury holiday to Maldives, bear in mind that this luxury resort is one of the best family spots in Maldives. Moreover, we have got excursion trips such as fishing trips that would somehow cling onto your memory. This is also one of the best single holiday destinations in Maldives. Hence, book a ticket to this island of white gold sandy beaches and open the gates to an exquisite heaven!!

We have got restaurants and bars for you to choose from. Splendid cuisines and buffets to yearn for!! You shall have something to look forward to at every corner. This excellent island resort is one of the most amazing resorts in Maldives and you are surely going to cherish every single moment you spend here. Book an all-inclusive holiday package to this resort and experience the splendor of walking up on the white gold sandy beaches of Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi.

If you were not able to book in advance, we have got the last minute booking services just waiting to give you the pleasures. We await to welcome you into a quixotic ambience.

Available Rooms

Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Prestige Ocean Villas

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Situated atop rippling turquoise waters, Adaaran Hudhuranfushi Ocean Villas are elegant retreats with modernist interiors equipped with a plethora of exclusive amenities.


Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Garden Room

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Garden Rooms are located throughout the island with convenient access to the hotel facilities. Even though these rooms lack beach front view they are equipped with a variety of modern amenities. Garden rooms offer spacious accommodation for the guest at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi.


Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Beach Villas

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Dotted along the outlying areas of the atoll, Beach Villas offer unhindered views of ocean and furnished in colourful, contemporary themes.


Villa name at Anantara resort by Travel Centre Maldives

Superior Garden Room

Max Guests:
2 Adults

Superior Garden Rooms are located throughout the island with convenient access to hotel facilities. These rooms have varied beach front view and they are equipped with a variety of modern amenities. Superior Garden Rooms at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi offer spacious accommodation for a restful holiday.


Look forward to a holiday that exceeds your expectations at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, one of our premier Maldives beach hotels. Find comfort in the lap of unwavering luxury and exceptional facilities amongst the paradise islands of Maldives. Due to our enviable location amidst the pristine sands of Hudhuranfushi Island, we offer a wide range of water sports that makes us an ideal choice amongst Hotels in Maldives Island.

Guest facilities at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi:
Table Tennis
Volley Ball
Beach Volley Ball
Foot Ball
Kiddies Pool
Squash Courts
Shopping Arcade
Surfing (Seasonal)
Wind Surfing
Water Skiing
Kiddies play area
Weak boarding
Fly boarding

Let the practices of traditional therapeutic methods, naturally purify both body and mind to formulate a holistic spa experience enhanced by the relaxing atmosphere of the lush surroundings at our exclusive Spa Maldives in Hudhuranfushi.Enjoy a myriad of cleansing and rejuvenating treatments offered by Chavana Spa at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi. With spa services ranges from traditional aromatherapy massages to result-driven Elemis face and body treatments, using dynamic with medical grade formulas that offer scientific solutions to every skin, body and lifestyle concern; a perfect way to complete a perfect getaway.The spa features four double room with outdoor shower and bath, 3 outdoor Bale, Manicure and Pedicure and retail boutique which offers a range of retail products and spa gifts.With the healing touch of our experienced Balinese therapist, let the practice of traditional therapeutic methods naturally purify both body and mind and experience an incomparable sense of tranquility.

Adaaran Select Huduranfushi boasts a multi faceted dining experience at its Maldives Hotel Restaurants with spectacular views accompanying almost every meal. Start the day with a breakfast buffet and enjoy ethnic dishes, international cuisine or light snacks in a variety of restaurants and cafes. Choose from a range of fresh sea food and create a meal to your liking while you enjoy the ever changing views of the Indian Ocean.Indulge in a candle lit dinner or celebrate and sip a glass of wine and relax to the soothing sounds of the ocean at the Sunset Bar and Restaurant, the resort’s signature cafe. Themed buffet style meals at our distinctive Maldives Hotel restaurants offer a combination of Maldivian and international cuisines to tempt discerning tastes nightly.

Behold the captivating views of the horizon as you sample the tantalizing beverage list served at the Lohis Bar. Sheltered by coconut leaves and with the powdery white sand at your feet, discover the perfect location from which you can be graced by the breathtaking sunsets synonymous with Maldives travel.Setting the tone for a quiet drink, the Lohis Bar at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi is one of the Best Hotel Bars Maldives which is a finest place for a drink with your loved one. Let time slow down as you share a priceless moment with that special someone with an amazing backdrop of a dazzling sunset.

Enjoy an invigorating cocktail by the pool at Hiyala Bar where the fresh breeze keeps the mood on a high note. Enjoy the healing touch of the tropical sun of the while you relax and soak in the pleasant atmosphere. Taste the enticing flavours of our rich beverage list and fall in love with the captivating surroundings of the island.Gather around with your new found friends for a drink by the beach to share some memories and a laugh while relaxing in the Hotel Bars in Maldives. Have a spicy snack while you sip on a glass of red wine or a tongue tingling cocktail. Let the gentle breeze heighten your senses and elevate you to cap off a memorable evening.

Serving scintillating buffet style meals with a wide variety of food ranging from traditional Maldivian to western cuisines to accommodate the palate of the global traveller. Be amazed at eye catching performances that take place at the action kitchen. Watch closely as the flames dance around the wok to create a mouth watering presentation.A splendid selection of wines and other beverages are available at the Banyan Restaurant to complement the meals offered. Sample the fresh local produce and the scintillating variety of seafood offered at the restaurant. Enjoy buffet in Maldives and discover an explosion of natural tastes by trying out some of the finest tropical fruits you have tasted.

Perched on a deck overlooking the island’s scenic harbour the Sunset Restaurant offers an exceptional fine dining experience featuring an impressive a la carte menu studded with world class delicacies and views of stunning sunsets and the changing phases of the ocean. Thoughtfully designed to highlight the stunning sunsets this elegant restaurant is ideal for any special occasion.Presenting an ideal setting for a romantic dining in Maldives, the Sunset Restaurant at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi creates an alluring setting highlighted by its simple yet charming interior and splendid views that stretch out into the open ocean.


Maldives is a unique destination in the Indian Ocean providing you with extraordinary experiences. Experiences which will last a lifetime and make you crave for more of the Maldives.

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