Amilla Fushi Resort

Amilla Fushi Resort

Located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, one of the 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean, Amilla Fushi Maldives Luxury Resort is offering you a choice of Island Homes that hover over crystal clear waters, nestle amongst lush tree tops or hug the shores of pristine white sand. 

Reach your exclusive island destination by seaplane in just 30 minutes from Malé International Airport or take a 15 minute flight to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport in Baa Atoll followed by a short 10 minute speedboat ride to Amilla Fushi Maldives Beach Resort.

Available Rooms

Movement, spirituality and spa – the three pillars of wellness at Amilla Fushi.

Soothing treatments that indulge and inspire. A harmonious place where pampering leads to holistic health. Private pods, social zones, pots of tea, and a secluded spot on the serene shores of Amilla Fushi. A communal space where people meet and mingle. Whether for massage, meditation or exercise, this tranquil island sanctuary soothes with five-star products and treatments that cleanse, calm and beautify.

Breathe in, breathe out. Extending limbs into the blue, the dawn breeze caressing the skin. Mindfulness and stillness as the waves lap against the pier. The serenity of the ocean sinking into the soul, a moment with nature that speaks to the spirit. Group yoga classes to celebrate the day, or one-on-one sessions by request. 

Bodyism is an idea. An intention. A commitment to changing people’s lives. To changing the world.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea. Our idea, our belief that we can change the world, drives everything we do. We open the door to a world of possibility. A world where you feel powerful, happy, clear, energised and excited. Where you feel truly alive. Why? Because we believe your world can be a beautiful place. We create a world of wellness, of true health to help, transform and empower people every minute of every day. Our bodies want to be lean, light, strong and energised. Bodyism has enabled thousands of people all over the world to transform and thrive.

"I go to Bodyism when I need to get my body into peak condition. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. There is simply nowhere better in the world," says Lara Stone.

World-class care with a luxurious sheen – podiatrist treatments that reverse age and promote silkiness. Pedicures that polish and primp, hand therapies that combine health and beauty for true radiance. Beautiful nails and soft, supple skin at the hands of Amilla Fushi’s trained technicians. Luxury products by Margaret Dabbs that add the finishing touch.

Workouts indoors or out. An air-conditioned gym with all the latest tech. Plus sessions designed for the great outdoors using nature as a gym and the ocean for laps. Bodyism Warrior classes that test stamina and strength, with high-intensity interval training that gets the heart rate soaring. For those focussed on their core, TRX suspension kits take the workout anywhere.

On soft white sand or beneath the shimmering seas, Amilla Fushi invites adventure.

Amilla Fushi is a launch point for endless discovery. The H.U.B. is the island's portal to the open seas, where coral reefs glint with countless colourful fishes. Dolphins, manta rays and turtles glide through this domain – a playground for any who like to venture below the surface. On land, sports raise the pulse in a number of ways. Badminton in the shade, tennis lessons with a pro, volleyball battles on the sand and soccer games against Amilla’s Islander team. To cool off, a pool almost as big as the lagoon, and activities on the waves to relax or excite.

Amilla Fushi's underwater kingdom glitters in the depths.

The entryway to a universe of kaleidoscopic coral, H.U.B. hums with discovery, sending visitors into the big, wild blue. Led by marine biologists, utmost respect and conservation is assured. With a path for every adventurer, H.U.B. promises a treasure for all who search.

Fashionable fun in sun-loving looks – Kiwi Saint-Tropez delights the eye with vibrant summer hues. Board shorts and bikinis, swimmers for the little ones, endless styles for women and a range of apparel for dapper dads. A glimmer of Miami in the Maldivian archipelago. For those with an eye for accessories, Amilla's fashion boutique abounds with precious metals and stones. With jewellery, resort apparel, totes, sarongs and more, it's a treasure trove of vibrant island style. 

Once upon a time, there was a Sultan and Sultana who ruled the Maldives together. One day, legend has it, they were sailing through the islets of the Baa Atoll when their dhoni became shipwrecked on the corals of a big, beautiful island. The Sultan and Sultana were wise – they explored the island and decided it would make a wonderful home. Using wood from their boat they built a palace, and they made friends with the creatures who lived in the surrounding seas. They spent hundreds of years on that island –  and in fact still live there with all their colourful marine friends. That island is Amilla Fushi – which is Dhivehi for ‘my island home’.

The kids of Amilla Fushi who venture to The Sultan’s Village will find the Sultan and Sultana there, surrounded by all their fun-loving friends. Better yet, they can help the royal couple try to find their lost treasure, hidden somewhere around the Sultan’s palace. Aside from treasure hunts with the Sultan, the Sultan's Kids' Club offers daily programmes to keep little ones engaged, complimentary child-minding and a host of enriching activities.

Two floodlit tennis courts, nestled amid tropical trees – Amilla allows guests improve every aspect of their game through personalised tennis programmes and events.

Amilla has partnered with LUX Tennis, which provides professional tennis coaches to luxury resorts and private clients worldwide for a tailored solution that manages all tennis activities. The tennis management company carefully selects and trains current or former international ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) players that share the same passion, modern vision and vast experience of this sport.

A clearing spreads out under the island sun, where white sand gives way to immaculate turf. Palms huddle like spectators on the side lines, their flitting fronds whispering in anticipation. And there they are – the Amilla Islanders in formation, preparing to square off against a team of guests. Amilla Fushi’s football pitch regularly plays host to planned matches and spontaneous showdowns, alike. It’s beautifully maintained and floodlit, with games possible day or night. Guests can play pick-up matches with friends or take on the Islanders during regularly scheduled events. Modified children’s competitions are also hosted from time to time.

A heady collage of cuisine in locales that stir the emotions.

A gastronomic paradise. Exotic spices, imported delicacies, seafood feasts – all lovingly prepared and expertly crafted. Places for family feasts. Quiet nooks for lovebirds. Everything from comfort food to haute cuisine. Incredible flavours that make every meal an occasion.

Professionals dedicated to the finest foods. Visiting masters of their trade. Amilla Fushi offers a luscious array of gourmet cuisines, hosting renowned culinary talents and world-famous brands. Visiting chefs bring exotic tastes and daring flavours to Amilla Fushi's glimmering shores, an endless culinary journey in the heart of the Maldives.

An intimate table in the lantern light – a bespoke menu tailored to personal tastes. Nestled in the gardens, beneath towering palms, Mystique Garden is a culinary treat. Lavish set menus showcase the island’s best flavours, while Amilla’s chefs are on hand to personalise every dish.

Clean, vibrant, energising foods – a philosophy where seasonal goodness packs meals full of life. Full-flavoured vitality designed by Bodyism, with the focus on unprocessed and uncomplicated cuisine. Free of gluten and refined sugar, Bodyism Café at Javvu Spa promises a delicious journey to wellness, bite by organic bite.

An abundance of wine – more than 8,000 bottles to sip and savour. International drops, both Old World and New. Premium bubbly, vintage reds, rare finds to share over a spectacular meal. By case or by bottle, or by curated tasting with artisanal cheese and wild honeycomb. Amilla Fushi indulges the epicure within.

From simple comfort foods to the most decadent treats, from specialty items to life's essentials – the Emperor General Store brings delicious delicatessen goods to Amilla's tropical shores. A marketplace of fresh fruit, bakery treats, meats and ice creams, plus everyday items for use at home. With deli-style sandwiches for a hearty lunch, a charcuterie with cold cuts and imported cheese, The Emperor General Store is more than a shop, it's a place to relax with a snack, or take a break with a freshly brewed coffee.

Pre-dinner wine, post-dinner whiskey, cocktails and mocktails with signature style. A humming hideaway over shimmering seas, 1 OAK Lounge's cosmopolitan touch makes evenings fizz and sparkle. Open-air spaces where conversation flows with the tides, a DJ spinning tunes until late, views that reach out to the dark horizon. Sunsets, late nights in the moonlight – 1 OAK Lounge lets the good times roll.

That extra Amilla Fushi sparkle, to share with that special someone. Culinary creativity meets the island’s best locales.

The Cellar Door tasting events – a bottle of refined red or white in a world-class wine cellar, a rich array of imported cheeses teasing the palate.

Mystique Garden dinners – gastronomic fiestas in idyllic gardens. Exclusive affairs of barbecued seafood, meat or plant-based mains. Arabic, Asian or international cuisine.

Personalised picnics anywhere on the island – from white-sand beaches to private villa gardens, secluded sandbanks to hidden coves. Unparalleled cuisine tailored to each taste. A special occasion to be treasured forever.

Sprawled around the infinity pool, a relaxed al fresco venue nestled under tropical leaves. Street House bites keep taste buds tantalised, while hand-crafted drinks cool from within. A social hub where guests mingle and converse by the water. Cushioned sofas to sink into, incredible views to bathe in, all the time in the world to relax in the shade.  

A sunny breakfast spot by the pool – a blissful start to the day, with juicy tropical fruits, muesli, yoghurt, or a hot, cooked breakfast to fuel ocean adventures. Tables under the trees and in air-conditioned cool, with spots to relax and reflect as another perfect morning passes. À la carte options, delectable cold dishes – a breakfast spread that inspires and energises.

Freshly caught fish and a crisp sauvignon blanc against a backdrop of blissful Maldivian shores – a refined dining experience featuring the comforts of the soul. Raw, cured or cooked, world-class seafood served in a casual setting. Open-air pavilions, balmy ocean breezes and succulent flavours on the plate.

Hot, delicious pizzas with a lashing of gourmet flair. A cornucopia of deli-style toppings, delicious creations made to order. Casual Italian dining overlooking the pool and lagoon, a short stroll from Amilla's turquoise seas. To finish, an indulgent holiday treat: ice cream and sorbet in a rainbow of colours.

Piquant Asian flavours from across the continent. Spicy Thai salads, Indian chaat, dim sum, gyoza, me goreng and more. Dishes that invite a journey across the East, a fresh exploration of noodles and soups, feet in the sand, drink in the hand, and a lush plate of tropical fruit for dessert.

Fine Italian flavours – exquisite antipasti, fresh handmade pasta, meats and seafood chargrilled to perfection. Barolo Grill pays homage to Piedmont, offering classic dishes infused with a Maldivian twist. With an open-air dining area that overlooks the pool, it's a place for lingering with a glass of Piedmont red. Sumptuous lounges under rustling palms, a toast to the heavens as the evening ignites. 

Where dining, sports and entertainment converge. Shops for food and drinks, photography and fashion, with games of badminton, beach volleyball and mini-futsal keeping energy levels high. Evenings see cheese and wine tastings fill The Cellar Door with activity, while special nights bring Cinema Emperor to the beachfront, a classic movie playing against the backdrop of night.

Crystal waters lap below Amilla Fushi’s signature restaurant. Japanese minimalism on an open deck, chefs performing in a theatre kitchen – culinary magic with exquisite presentation. Izakaya-style dining comes to life with openhearted service and shared 'tapas' plates. Umami works of art in a spectacular setting. Downstairs, a lounge bar for post-dinner drinks. Smooth sounds from the DJ, moon reflecting off the seas.


Maldives is a unique destination in the Indian Ocean providing you with extraordinary experiences. Experiences which will last a lifetime and make you crave for more of the Maldives.

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